House of Raminten Restaurant : The Unique Restaurant in Yogyakarta

House of Raminten Restaurant is one of the great restaurants in Yogyakarta. It serves the the traditional food from this city with unique concept.

raminten jogja

There is the unique thing from this restaurant. You will find it in the other restaurants. For example, there is the sentence  “we are all graduates from extraordinary school so if a little longer please understand because we are crazy”.

Besides that, there is the sentence “Please attention of your goods (mobile phone, wallet, comb, sunglasses, bags, jackets, bags, hats, saws, irons, etc.) ! Don’t miss them! “.

Those sentences are on the wall of the restaurant. Then, the menu in this place is also unique. There are tofu balls, cunduk, brongkos, satay, and the others.

House of Raminten Restaurant has the famous menu. Those are are rice with fish and chili, sheath chicken, and a monster ice. You may feel strange when you hear the sheaths chicken.  Actually, it is a chicken that is cooked with an egg inside the bamboo. Because of that, it is like the sheath.

This restaurant presents the unique concept with affordable meals. However, they are in a high quality. For example, you can find the coconut ice in this restaurant that is usually sold in the roadside. Here, you will get the ice with a large glass.

Not only the menus that have the unique concept, but also you will find the two ancient-style carriage Mataram sultanate. It is as the decoration of the restaurant. Then, there are also some pictures of the Yogyakarta King.

When you are eating in this place, you will enjoy the sound of the Gendhing Java. It is a kind of the traditional music from Yogyakarta. The waitresses wear the traditional clothes so the nuance will be more unique.

If you visit Yogyakarta, don’t forget to visit House of Raminten Restaurant. You will get the unforgettable experience because you will eat with the unique concept.

Contributor : Ika Pratiwi

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