Ireng Mountain with Three Beautiful Hidden Waterfalls

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Gunungkidul, Jogjakarta has many beautiful mountains. Ireng Mountain is one of the mountains that is located in Gunungkidul.

gunung ireng jogja

There are some people that call Ireng Mountain as Batok Mountain. It is located in Srumbung, Pengkok, Patuk, Gunungkidul, Jogjakarta.

If you hear Ireng Mountain, it is like unusual. Well, it has been not known by many people such as the famous mountain, Merapi Mountain. However, the beauty of this mountain is very amazing.

You don’t need to take much time for reaching the top of this mountain. You should pass the Wonosari Street. Just go straight. You will see the street sign there. You also ask the way to reach this mountain to the local people.

After reaching the parking lot, you should on foot to go to the top. It will take the time for about 5 minutes. At the top, you will see the awesome view.

Ireng Mountain is the highest top in Srumbung Village. Even, it includes the best spot for enjoying the sunrise. How? Do you want to see the beautiful sunrise in this place?

After enjoying the beautiful scenery in Ireng Mountain, you can go to the beautiful waterfalls. The location of it is not far, but it is hidden.

The first waterfall is Taman Sari Waterfall. The other names of it are Lengkong Sari or Jurug Gede Waterfall. It has the height 28 meters.

Then, not fat from this waterfall, there is Nggerejek-gerejek Waterfall. Its height is 56 meters. The flowing of the water is slow.

The last one is Tuwondo Waterfall. It has the difficult access. So, you will get the different sensation to reach this waterfall. Don’t forget to ask the local people because this location is still hidden.

Those are some waterfalls you can visit if you go to Ireng Mountain. The unforgettable experience will be gotten.

Contributor: Ika Pratiwi

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