Mudal River Park, the Perfection of the Menoreh Hills Yogyakarta

Hi, guys? There is good news for you. Recently, there is the new tourism object that has the beautiful view. It is Mudal River Park.

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This park is located in Girimulyo, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta. It is directly bordered with Menoreh Hills. There are some new awesome tourism objects there.

What makes Mudal River Park is so awesome? This is because you can enjoy three interesting things there. Those are the beautiful waterfall, a natural pond, and the beautiful garden.

Mudal is the name of one of the caves in Girimulyo. There, there is a fountain that is rushing down becomes the Mudal Waterfall, Kembang Soka Waterfall, and Kedung Pendut Waterfall.

Going to this place should pass the difficult access because the road is still rocky. But, you can take the motorcycle to go there.

After passing the difficult enough road, you will be satisfied because the view you get is very amazing. The beautiful Mudal River with the clear water and the view of the cliffs make your fatigue lost.

You can swim in the fresh water in this river. Mudal River has the length of 600 meters. Then, it has the depth of 2 until 3 meters.

So, if you invite your children to go there, you can ask them to swim in the shallow water. It will be more comfortable and safer. After feeling satisfied in swimming, you can enjoy the beautiful garden near the river.

The exotic view in this place makes you feeling more exciting. Then, not far from this garden, you can go to the Mudal Waterfall. The view of this waterfall is very amazing.

You don’t need to be worried about the facilities that are available. This is because the facilities are complete enough there. For example, there are food stalls, toilet, and gazebos from the comfortable place for relaxing.

Don’t forget to choose Mudal River Park as your destination for the next vacation. It is really the perfection of the Menoreh Hills.


Contributor- Ika Pratiwi

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