Rawe Beach – the New Destination in Yogyakarta

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Talking about tourism objects in Yogyakarta, it is very interesting. This is because there are many interesting destinations here.

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One of them is Rawe Beach. As you know that there are many beaches that are located in Yogkarata, it becomes the new one. The beach is exactly located in Kemadang, Tanjungsari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta.

The location of the beach is on the west of the Kukup Beach. However, between those beaches, there is a hill. This is the unique beach. It has the beautiful sand. Besides that, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea.

There are not many people know this beach. This beach is the development of the Kukup Beach. This is because the location of it is very near. The beach gets the attention from the visitors just recently. Usually, the visitors that come to the beach are they that have come to Kukup Beach.

If you are going to visit this beach, you can choose two ways. The first route is you can pass the Macadam Street. The street is larger enough because it has the width 700 meters. The second route is you can pass the Kukup Beach.

Just go straight to the west for about 500 meters. You will find this beach. As your information, there are two gazebos are built on this beach. Then, there are some food stalls are available there.

Besides that, there are some inns you can book for staying some nights. It becomes the good facilities you can enjoy.

Because of the beach is not known by many people, the situation of Rawe Beach is quiet enough. So, if you want to get relaxing in the comfortable place, it can be your best option.

You can enjoy the great beautiful scenery there. Happy vacation!

Contributor: Ika Pratiwi

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