Widodaren Beach – The Beautiful and Charming Beach in Yogyakarta

There are many beaches that are located in Gunungkidul. The fact, the beach tourism objects in Gunungkidul becomes the icon of this city.

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Even, it is well known by many people around the world that Gunungkidul has many amazing beaches. You will see that there are many travelers come to Gunung Kidul for visiting those beaches.

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If you are going to look for the new beach, Widodaren Beach is the smart choice for you. Actually, the name of Widodaren comes from the word of “Bidadari”. Bidadari means angel.

The name is given to this beach because it has the beautiful view. There is the grain of small crystal sand there.The location of this beach is in Kanigoro, Saptosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta.

You must know that this beach is still hidden. It has not been known by many people. For that, this beach has the quiet and beautiful atmosphere. You will be like in your own private beach if visiting Widodaren Beach.

You should choose to take the private vehicles such as a car or motorcycle. This is because there is no public transportation you can take to reach it.

In this beach, it has not been had the access for the vehicles. You should park your vehicle in Ngrenehan Beach that is the location is not far from this beach.

Then, you should go on foot. It will take the time for about 40 minutes.Talking about the facility, there is no facility in Widodaren Beach . This is because this beach is still hidden.

You will not find the food stall there. Because of that, you must bring the enough food and drink for your supplies.Besides that, the access to this beach is still difficult.

Although no good facility there, it doesn’t mean that this beach is not good for visiting. Actually, you will get the good opportunity to have a vacation in such a private beach.

Contributor – Ika Pratiwi

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