Jogja Bay Waterpark- The Largest Waterpark in Indonesia

Yogyakarta has many tourism objects. Even, there is new tourism object here. It is Jogja Bay Waterpark.

jogja bay waterpark

So, not only having the beautiful nature and culture, but also Yogyakarta has the modern waterpark. There are thousands of people visit this place every day. They come from the other places.

The thing that makes this place always full of people is because this waterpark is the largest and most complete in Indonesia.

The area of this place is about 7,7 hectares. It is exactly on the right of the Maguwoharjo Stadium. Because of that, you can find this place easily.

There are 12 water rides that you can enjoy. Make sure you will get the unforgettable experience if you visit the waterpark.

“How to survive in tsunami and earthquake” is the name of one of the water rides there. it becomes most wanted by many people.

This water ride illustrates the tsunami so you will be able to feel the rush of the waves. Don’t be worried because it is safe.

The theme of the Jogja Bay Waterpark is a pirate. It was a popular theme in Bali and America. Well, the cost you must spend for entering this place is 90.000 IDR for adults, and 60.000 IDR for kids.

To make you feeling more comfortable, you can rent the locker for keeping your belongings. You should pay 30.000 for it.

You also can enjoy some delicious food there. There are 7 restaurants available. Having vacation with your friends or family in this waterpark will be very exciting.

If you are afraid to try the extreme water ride, you can just play water in the pool. Have a nice vacation!

Contributor: Ika Pratiwi

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