Curug Gedhe Waterfall- The Beautiful Waterfall in the Middle of Valley  

Yogyakarta is one of the favorite tourism destinations for many travelers. There are some travelers come to this place both domestic and foreign.

curug gedhe patuk

Almost every district in Yogyakarta has some artificial and natural tourism objects. Those are hired by many travelers.

One of the best places in Yogyakarta is Njurug Waterfall. It has the other names. Those are “Curug Gedhe Lemah Abang, Curug Purba and Grojogan Curug Waterfall”.

But, commonly, it is called as Curug Gedhe Waterfall. This waterfall is located in Gembyong, Patuk, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

It is not far from Nglanggeran Mountain. The fact, the waterfall is the coolest waterfall in Yogyakarta.

The water flow of this waterfall is same with the Gembyong Waterfall. It has the height of 30 meters.

It is in the middle of the valley. It is a border between Gunung Kidul Regency and Sleman Regency.

You can reach the waterfall for about 5 minutes from Gambyong Waterfall. You can directly enjoy the fresh water.

The water flow of the Curug Gedhe is very high. Especially, in the rainy season, it looks more interesting.

You can take a bath in the location. Or, you can just play water there.

From the waterfall, you can see the beautiful cliffs scenery and the green shrubs. Uniquely, the cliffs that are surrounded this waterfall is white stone or limestone.

Because of that, many people call this waterfall as the Curug Purba Waterfall.

The access to reach this waterfall is full of challenges. But, you don’t be afraid because there is the board of directions as your instruction.

Along the journey, you will see the paddy field that is so amazing. Besides that, you will pass the bamboo bridge that has the long 50 meters.

You should be extra careful when you are passing this bridge. This is because the bridge is quite slippery.

After passing the trail, you should pass down the ridge in 30 meters. Then, you can arrive in Curug Gedhe Waterfall.


Contributor: Ika Pratiwi

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