Enjoying the Beautiful Sunset in Abang Temple Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta has many natural tourism objects. Besides that, there are also some interesting historical heritages. One of the great places you can visit is Abang Temple.

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This temple has not known well by many people while it has the amazing scenery. The fact, this temple includes the Hindu Temple.

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It was built in the Mataram Kingdom. The location of the Abang Temple is in Candiabang Village, Jogotirto, Sleman, Yogyakarta. It is near with Barong Temple, Banyunibo and the Palace of the Ratu Boko.

The measure of the Abang Temple is 36 meters x 34 meters. If you see the shape, it is unusual like the temple in general.

It has the unique shape of pyramid. However, over time this temple is covered by some grass. Talking about the material, it is made of red brick. In Javanese, red means “abang”.

That’s why this temple is named Abang Temple. To go to this place, the access is easy enough. You can go there by taking a car. However, to reach the top, you should on foot. This is because the street starts to break down.

If you come to the Abang Temple in a rainy season, you will see that this temple is like the green hill. This is because there is some grass on it. Then, it will be different if you visit it during the summer season.

The grass will be dry and it looks like the red hill. The nuance of this temple is very exotic because it is surrounded by rice fields.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful sunset, Abang Temple is a great destination. You can see it from the top of the hill. Besides looking at the sunset, you also can enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Don’t be worried about the cleanliness. This temple is very clean so enjoying the beautiful sunset in Abang Temple Yogyakarta will be very comfortable.

Contributor – Ika Pratiwi

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