Exploring the Hidden Beauty of Kesirat Beach

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Kesirat Beach is different from the other beaches in general. The difference is on the sand. The common beach has a lot of sand.


But, here there are only lined cliffs that can be used for some activities. Those are such as camping and fishing.

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Many people that have their hobby is fishing know this beach well. If you like fishing, you can choose this place as your best location.Not only the small fish but also some large fish can be gotten by you.

The beach is still seldom heard by the tourists. But, the beach is very beautiful. It is exactly located in Girikarto, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta.

You will need the time for about two years to reach the beach. It is better for you to take the persona car. This is because there is no public transportation.

If you look for the unspoiled beach, Kesirat Beach is a great option for you. The unique thing from the beach is it is a beach with some cliffs. From the cliffs, you can see the beautiful view of the blue sea.

Then, there is iconic here. It is the evergreen tree. The name of the tree is “Gebangkoro” tree. It is the single tree that can grow on the edge of the cliffs.

At the afternoon, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset. It is the amazing view you will get. If you want to stay for a night in this beach, don’t hope you can find the inn or hotel near the beach.

As the solution, you can build a tent. It will be more interesting, right? Don’t forget to bring some food and drink.

Once in a year, there is the tradition that is done by the local people around the beach. The tradition is named “Ngalap” blessing. It is as the thanksgiving to God in keeping the balance of nature.


Contributor : Ika Pratiwi

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