Pandansari Beach: Beach with Great Lighthouse in Yogyakarta

Pandansari Beach is the beautiful beach that is located in Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta.

The unique thing you can find in this beach is there is a lighthouse here. It is interesting, right? That’s why this beach is different with the other beaches in Yogyakarta.

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Exactly, the location of Pandansari beach is in Patehan Village. It is in Gadingsari, Sanden, Bantul. Although it has not been famous like the beaches near it, you will enjoy the beautiful view there.

The landscape in this beach will make you amazed. When you enter the beach area, you will directly be presented with a beautiful view of a big wave.

Yes, a big wave is the characteristic of the south coast. Besides that, you will also see the expanse of the pine trees near the beach.

The color of the green from pine trees seemed to contrast with the blue color from the sea. After enjoying the beautiful landscape, it will be not complete if you don’t climb the lighthouse.

Before climbing it, you should prepare your energy. This is because you will climb one hundred of the stairs to reach the top.

After reaching the top, you will be amazed seeing the great and awesome scenery. The cast expanse of the sea and the green pine trees makes this beach is very unique.

After climbing the lighthouse, there is one interesting activity you can do on this beach. Well, you can have the agro-tourism there. You can visit the dragon fruit garden.

In this garden, you can pick the fruits and then enjoy it while fresh. Eating the fresh fruit will have the different sensation. It is very interesting.

Well, if you are going to find the new exciting place, Pandansari Beach is a great choice.


Contributor : Ika Pratiwi

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