7 Romantic Locations for Sunday Night in Yogyakarta

Everyone has ever visited Yogyakarta must miss going back. Besides because of the wisdom local factors, there is much one that is not easily to forget.

Yogyakarta has many beautiful locations. Among them, there are some romantic locations for enjoying the Sunday night. The followings are 7 locations you can try to spend your night together with your loved one.

  1. Angkringan Tugu

angkringan lik man

The first place is Angkringan Tugu. The location of it is beside the “Tugu” Station. It has the strategic location so many people can be easy to go to this place. Especially on the weekend, many people can enjoy the special menu “coffee joss”.

  1. Tugu Jogja
tugu jogja

Not far from Angkringan Tugu, you can find the “Tugu Jogja”. Many people considered that going to Yogyakarta without visiting this place is less complete. This place has the romantic nuance because the lighting here is just from the streetlamps. Don’t forget to bring a camera when to visit this place. Take the picture in this beautiful spot is really interesting.

  1. Zero Kilometer Region
kawasan nol kilometer jogja

This place is always full. Many people come to this place. Some artists or community often gathered in this place, especially on weekends. Many artists will entertain the visitors here.

  1. South Square
mobil hias alun-alun selatan

Maybe for the television movie lovers will often look this place. This is because this place often becomes the shooting some films. If you come here, don’t forget to do the famous ritual. You should pass the way between two twin banyan trees. Besides that, you can take the bicycle and decorated rickshaw for going around the square.

  1. The Rainbow Park (Taman Pelangi)
Taman Pelangi Jogja

From square, going to the north you will find the Rainbow Park. Here, you will see that there are many lanterns with some characters make this place alive.

  1. Ramayana Dance-Drama
sendratari ramayana

You can see the live great show here. It tells about the struggle of Rama in getting Sinta. It will be more interesting if you see this show with your beloved one.

  1. Star Hill (Bukit Bintang)
bukit bintang jogja

Let’s go toward Wonosari Street. You will find the Start Hill. The high location makes you can enjoy the Yogyakarta nuance at the night. It is one of the  romantic locations you can visit.


Contributor: Ika Pratiwi

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